VeriSpreader® Capability Analysis | VeriSpreader® Crane Mounted Solution

VeriTainer’s container crane mounted radiation detection and identification system, called the VeriSpreader®, employs advanced passive scanning technology and sophisticated identification algorithms to detect and identify gamma and neutron sources in shipping containers as they are loaded or discharged from a container ship.

VeriTainer’s prototype crane mounted solution (CMS) was in continuous operation at the Port of Oakland from April 2, 2007 through May, 2008 (13 months).  It operated without mechanical failure or loss of sensitivity over the course of more than 47,000 container moves.  It is protected by fundamental United States and International patents1.  It is cost effective and sensitive enough to meet published ANSI standards.2

The VeriSpreader® consists of a spreader bar (or hoist attachment) of a container crane assembly, radiation detection devices and a computer capable of wired or wireless communication.  The system captures and analyzes gamma-ray counts and energy spectra as well as neutron counts from the detectors in real time as the containers are loaded to or unloaded from containerships.  Its primary purpose is to identify gamma sources that may be present in the container and alert the user to elevated gamma and neutron rates.

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2ANSI N42.43.